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REK Recordsdm3 ha realizzato l’immagine e il posizionamento della nuova label REK Records. Segue la label e crea i visual delle release, realizza le campagne di lancio coordinando tutti i media. REK Records, etichetta indipendente attiva nel panorama della musica elettronica in particolare Tech House, Techno, Electrobeat e Chill, è alla quarta uscita con gli artisti DiscJoker (aka Giuliano P), Dork e Nexus. In programma a breve una nuova release con Cybernova. Stay tuned!!!


DiscJoker (aka Giuliano P)DISCJOKER (aka Giuliano P) – MM (MANA/MERMAIDS)


Breathless Tech House in electro dark atmosphere; strong electric guitar solo: this sound is ElectRock!

Electro beat trip into the deep house sea.
#techhouse #electrobeat

out 2015/09/22

Words on the street:
– “I wasn’t expecting Mana to break out into the higher energy sounds like it did. Pleasantly surprised. I like the break in Mermaids. I’ll try these…” (Anton Banks / The Vault Radio Show)
– “Mermaids’ is killer!” (Rob Warner / ibiza voice)
– “déroutant et surprenant. je pense que c’est le genre de disque qui se laisse apprécier après plusieurs écoutes.” (Stéphane Chambord / Radio Resonance)



DiscJoker #discjoker #REK

SubDivision Track of the Week – SGR 171 – September 2015



Album_Nexus_Nightsailing NEXUS – NIGHT SAILING / BOLINA

A dreamy crossover between Deep House, Trance, Electro beats and hypnotic melodies on a vibrant bass vibe.

out 2015/09/07
words on the street
– “Love this. Both tracks are beautiful. 100% support” (Jamie Stevens / Bedrock, Chameleon Records, Get Physical Music, Sudbeat)
– “nice deep tech sounds – feeling both cuts here !” (Riyaz Khan / CHRY 105.5FM)
– “Bellissimeeee!!” (DJ Lore J / De Club)
– “beautiful. thanks” (DJ Javimar / DJ Mag Spain)

— con Nexus official




DoRK’s debut EP is nothing short of a masterpiece. “A Kingdom for Light EP” contains 2 tracks which are inherently different from each other.The title track, “A Kingdom For Light”, is perfect for your pre-rave sessions on the beach. A blend of brasses and warm basslines will seduce you and your cocktails, while an infectious hat pattern gets you in the mood for the upcoming night.“REKin” on the other hand is perfect for a packed dance floor and with a energy crowd. A hypnotizing sexy sax loop coupled with a gospel style vocal and what can only be described as a smashing bassline, are a sure recipe for success.
out 2015/08/25

words on the street:
“A Kingdom for Light for my listening pleasure. Great track” (0rfeo –
Ghosthall, Panda)
“Good stuff” (Suffused – Baroque Records)
“Pretty funky tune” (George Von Liger – Dojo Music, Riseup Records, Housestars Records)
“Good tracks. thanks!” (Norbert Meszes – House Of House, Decoded Records, Kool Katz Records)

Dork e Ko ZY



DiscJoker from_my_windowDISKJOKER (aka Giuliano P) – FROM MY WINDOW

Electrobeat dreamy cut on a vibrant bass base.

“What happened when I looked out my window.
Inside samples from Rome, my wonderful town.”
Thanx to Anna, Bianca e Ferni “myLove”, to Giulio the teacher, to Rosa Tosto for the Master, Mela, Valerie, Roma, via Merulana & via Mecenate, the dopingS, Ableton, Maschine, my bass guitar, silence & my special thanx to the Music.
out 2015/07/02

Words on the street:
– beautiful stuff! (Jamie Stevens / Bedrock, Chameleon Records, Get Physical Music, Sudbeat)
– Nice summer vibes, thanks. (Noah Pred / Thoughtless, Biotop, Highgrade)
– Trippy. I like it (Britt Lyle / Scad Atlanta Radio)
– Cool track. Will try & Support. (Laurent N. / Atavisme, House Nation Radio)
– On promo Chart (Nori / Extra Music New)